01. About us

appreal.net-Software House

Designing and developing mobile and web applications

We have been working with new technologies continuously since 2011. We are building web applications and  we design and develop mobile applications for the most popular platforms - Android, iOS, Windows Phone. We specialize in creating bespoke applications for business purposes as well as mobile commercial solutions. We create complex web+mobile systems from beginning to the end.

Our team specializes in the following areas:

  • design and development of mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • design and development of web applications
  • outsourcing, consulting, monetization, auditing and support

Our competences and experience

We have succesfully delivered over 80 completed projects for clients from various industries. We have created solutions for industrial automation and intelligent property management, as well as telecommunications, publishing and e-commerce solutions. In addition to the design and development of mobile applications, we also offer business and technology consulting, audit and support of the extension of existing mobile solutions.
Project studio:
Jaracza 47 lok 7
90-249 Lodz, Poland
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