04. Team

We specialize in mobile and web appliactions development, UI/UX designing, and project managment.

We believe that a good product can be build only if it is based on the use of high skills, original ideas and adapting to the needs of the company and users using it. Our team consists of people who are great in mobile and web applications development, UI/UX designing, and project management.
Mobile Developer
Mobile Developers demonstrate their creativity in programming mobile applications and original approach to coding. They offer solutions that conform to  best practices and the latest trends.
Web Developers
Web Developers rely on carefully developed applications. This is possible only through a creative approach to programming, coding using good practices and the latest trends.
UX Designers
Our UX designers give priority to the user and the usability of mobile and web solutions. They demonstrate a critical and analytical approach at the project realization. Their design based on the analysis of the target users needs.
UI Designers
Our UI designers care about the visual side of the project - the style, color and composition. Design in accordance with the latest trends, not forgetting the functionality of the solution.
Project Managers
Project Managers are great in handling project management. They use effective systems managment (CSM), to help team/client communication be smooth. This is a key factor for the successful project.
Account Managers
Account Managers specialize in customer service - ensure implementation of the objectives of the brief, design for the needs of the business and its purposes, as well as ensure the timely product delivery.
Project studio:
Jaracza 47 lok 7
90-249 Lodz, Poland
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